Chapter 8

Advanced Off–page SEO Strategies

Understanding Link Types: No-Follow vs. Do-Follow

No-Follow Links

Explain that no-follow links are links with a rel=”Nofollow” html tag. They tell search engines not to follow the link or pass any authority from the linking page to the linked page. 

Example: a link in a blog comment section is typically a no-follow link 

Do-Follow Links

Contrast these with do-follow links, which are standard links without the no-follow tag. These links can pass authority (link juice) from the linking page to the linked page and are more valuable in seo. Example: a link from a reputable news article or an industry blog.

Domain Authority and Domain Ratings

Explaining Domain Metrics

Introduce Domain Authority (DA) and Domain Ratings (DR) as metrics used by SEO tools like Moz (DA) and Ahrefs (DR). These metrics estimate how well a website is likely to rank on search engine result pages (SERPs).

How These Metrics Are Calculated:

Discuss how DA and DR are calculated based on several factors, including the number and quality of backlinks, and how they provide an insight into the strength and credibility of a website.

Link Building Strategies

Effective Link Building

Dive into advanced link-building strategies, emphasizing the value of obtaining high-quality do-follow links. Discuss methods such as content marketing, guest blogging, and influencer outreach.

Buying Expired Domains for Link Building

What Are Expired Domains?

Define expired domains as previously registered domains that have not been renewed by their owners and have become available for purchase.

Benefits in Link Building

Explain how some SEO professionals buy expired domains with a strong backlink profile to redirect to their main site or use them to create a network of sites that link back to their main site.

Risks and Considerations

Highlight the risks involved, such as the potential for bad link profiles or penalties from search engines if the practice is not done ethically and carefully.

Social Media Marketing and Engagement

Social Media's Indirect Impact on SEO

Reiterate the role of social media in driving traffic and brand visibility, leading to organic backlinking opportunities.

Reputation Management and Online Reviews

Managing Digital Reputation

Stress the importance of monitoring and responding to online reviews and social media mentions, as these can influence public perception and indirectly affect SEO.


In this chapter, we explored advanced off-page SEO strategies, including the differences between no-follow and do-follow links, the significance of Domain Authority and Domain Ratings, and the practice of buying expired domains for link building. We also discussed the importance of social media marketing and online reputation management in a comprehensive off-page SEO strategy.

The next chapter will delve into Local SEO, specifically focusing on strategies to enhance visibility in local search results and connect with local audiences.

Moving forward, Chapter 9 will focus on Local SEO, an essential strategy for businesses looking to enhance their visibility in local search results and effectively connect with local audiences.

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